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Sri Vijnana Vihara English Medium School is the result of many peoples dream, where the future generations are brushed with qualities like intelligence, sincerity, commitment and human values to make their own marks in the competitive world.The meritorious standards of the school have already transformed many children into most successful persons. Today the students of "Sri Vijnana Vihara" are spreading values all over the world. They are making their own mark in their fields with intelligence, sincerity and commitment.

Our Mission

To build a generation of students with a developed character to be committed & industrious as leaders every year, developed physically, mentally, morally , intellectually and spiritually. Making them capable enough & intelligent enough to face the challenges of the present in day to day life. To develop Hindu culture & patriotic fervour & to inspire themselves to dedicate their life to do service to the needy. The school will provide the teachers and students all the basic facilities required for improving the teaching- learning process.



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